Monday, 27 September 2010


So far this exchange has been interesting, I've been in hospital twice, been around the local area, had a fairly good time. This week things are getting seriously bloketastic I believe we are going to Oktoberfest.

Your favourite bloke
The uppermost bloke (Simon)

Tuesday, 21 September 2010


Am Sonntag sind Sarah, Nina and Kelsey nach Heidelberg gefahren, um den Schloss zu sehen. Es war fantastisch!! Wir sind auf einen kleinen Zug zum Schloss gefahren. Es war sehr alt und schön. Wir haben auch die Stadt und die alte Brücke gesehen. Der Tor der Brücke hat wie ein Dr. Seuss Bild ausgesehen. Das Wetter war sonnig und alle die Leute waren sehr entspannt (that's supposed to mean relaxed!!).

Wir haben Apfel Strudel mit Vannille Eis gegessen. Es war lecker. Wir haben auch Geshenke für unsere Australische Freundinen gekauft. Jedermann haben spaß gehabt.

Von Sarah und Nina

The Top Bloke's post.

Ok, so here I am in school, being a top bloke and typing a post for you guys so my top blokeyness (intentional misspell) can radiate.

On the weekend I went to Bern, Switzerland (The capital of Switzerland). I'm unable to get photos up but it was absolutely incredible. It is soooo green. Probably like Australia is now! In Switzerland, I went up a mountain (unsure as to which - there are so many!) and went down the mountain on a bike and on a type of cart thing. Es war sehr cool :)

I also went and walked the streets of Switzerland, it is so different, just lined with houses and magnificent statues in the middle of the street.

Yours Bloke-aliciously,

The Top Bloke.

the uppermost bloke's post.

So, I'm sitting here at school, chilling with andy (the top bloke) and miss flint (belinda flint), I'm talking about blokes and other blokey things. Germany is so awesome but the town of lollar is not so nice, I much prefer it in my home town of Marburg, it is so great there.

I have met many good people and have so far had a great time.
Liebe Grüße

Friday, 17 September 2010

Germany has been great, during the first week which was holidays i spent time in the city of Rosenheim, Mountains around Rosenheim, the Herbstfest, Legoland and i wnt for a four day holiday in Italy where we visited Venice.

Legoland was fantastic, i loved every minuet. The rides were fun and their were lots to see and do. However some of the stuff was for much younger kids, but i still really enjoyed it. My exchange family took me to Italy for a four day holiday, which was so fantastic we spent the 1st day travelling and the second in Venice. Venice is so beautiful, i took lots of photos and ate pizza and gelati!! I also went on a Gondola, which was a great way to see much more of Venice. The streets, bridges, and buildings were beautiful. The weather was great, around 25°. The third day in Italy we spent at the beach whi9ch was so different, you had to pay to get a umberlla and chairs. Also whilst relaxing on the beach, people tried to sell you various things like, clothes, belts, watches, jewllerey and bags. Very different. On our way home from Italy, we passed through the Alps and visited a glacia called Großglockner, which was beautifula and their was some snow which was awesome, however it was cold only 10°.

I have just finished my first week at the school in Rosenheim. On the first day us Australians spent the day doing a street Rally aorund the town. On our second day we went to class with our exchange partners, which was interesting. Their classess are so different. Then on Thursday we and our exchange partners caught the train to Berchtesgarden, where we visited a Salt Mine. It was cool, we got to go on a boat in the mine, also on a train through the mine and on slides that where in the mine. Was a great day. I am enjoying my time here in Germany. Will blog again when i get a chance.

Auf Wiedersehen,


Thursday, 16 September 2010



Letzte Woche am Freitag sind wir nach K
öln gefahren! Wir haben den Köln Dom gesehen. Er war sehr groß und echt geil. Wir (Lucina, Nina, Zoe und Sarah) sind auf die Spitze des Domes gegangen. Es hat 533 Stufen gegeben!!!

Wir haben auch das Schokoladenmuseum besucht. Leeeeeckkeeerrrr! Schmackhaft!!! Sehr cool. Wir haben Kakaobohnen gegessen. Nicht lecker!!!!! Oder schmackhaft! Oder cool.

Wir haben manche andere Dinge gemacht, aber wir wollen nicht über sie schreiben. (Wenn wir über sie schreiben würde, wäre es zu langweilig)

Also, auf Wiedersehen!

von Cina und Nina

Thursday, 9 September 2010



Yesterday we went shopping in Giessen. We also went to the Bontanic gardens, the gummi bear shop, elephant toilet, the ice cream shop and a German bistro/restaurant/cafe/place where you eat.

Everything was really pretty. There were flowers everywhere and lots of different trees in the Botanic gardens.....

and we saw a SQUIRREL!!!!! :D