Friday, 17 September 2010

Germany has been great, during the first week which was holidays i spent time in the city of Rosenheim, Mountains around Rosenheim, the Herbstfest, Legoland and i wnt for a four day holiday in Italy where we visited Venice.

Legoland was fantastic, i loved every minuet. The rides were fun and their were lots to see and do. However some of the stuff was for much younger kids, but i still really enjoyed it. My exchange family took me to Italy for a four day holiday, which was so fantastic we spent the 1st day travelling and the second in Venice. Venice is so beautiful, i took lots of photos and ate pizza and gelati!! I also went on a Gondola, which was a great way to see much more of Venice. The streets, bridges, and buildings were beautiful. The weather was great, around 25°. The third day in Italy we spent at the beach whi9ch was so different, you had to pay to get a umberlla and chairs. Also whilst relaxing on the beach, people tried to sell you various things like, clothes, belts, watches, jewllerey and bags. Very different. On our way home from Italy, we passed through the Alps and visited a glacia called Großglockner, which was beautifula and their was some snow which was awesome, however it was cold only 10°.

I have just finished my first week at the school in Rosenheim. On the first day us Australians spent the day doing a street Rally aorund the town. On our second day we went to class with our exchange partners, which was interesting. Their classess are so different. Then on Thursday we and our exchange partners caught the train to Berchtesgarden, where we visited a Salt Mine. It was cool, we got to go on a boat in the mine, also on a train through the mine and on slides that where in the mine. Was a great day. I am enjoying my time here in Germany. Will blog again when i get a chance.

Auf Wiedersehen,



  1. Tag Grace!

    Schön zu hören, dass Deutschland dir gefällt :)

    In Lollar sind alle glücklich und zufrieden. Es ist wirklich toll hier zu sein!

    Bitte schreib wieder, wenn du Zeit hast.

    Liebe Grüße,

    Miss Flint